Charlotte Wood – The Writer’s Room: Conversations About Writing (Literature Review)

Have you ever read a book so good that you wish you could sit down with the author and chat about it, like an old friend you invite over for morning tea once a month? Well, in The Writer’s Room, Stella Prize winning author Charlotte Wood has done just that. A collection of some of her most notable interviews from the online journal of the same name, The Writer’s Room provides insights into the creative processes behind some of Australia and New Zealand’s best loved literary works.


Drew McAlister is Coming Your Way

“The highlight is just getting another album out. The music industry’s changed a lot the last few years. I’m lucky that I’ve got a label who let me do my own thing and record the songs I want to record,” he says. “The thing that has always appealed to me in this genre is the stories. You can only write so many love songs – and that’s predominantly what pop music is in one form or another – I like that too, that’s cool. But I like being able to explore other things with the lyric in this genre.”