Going Along for the Ride: An Interview with Australian Country Artist Grayson

Nashville-based Australian country music singer/songwriter Grayson (otherwise known as Michael Edser) has called the music business home since 2006. With four studio albums, international success and a potential career in TV and film-making, it would seem his diversity knows no bounds. In this interview, we talk about his latest single, Margarita, plans for a new album, and the changing landscape of Australian country music.


Drew McAlister is Coming Your Way

“The highlight is just getting another album out. The music industry’s changed a lot the last few years. I’m lucky that I’ve got a label who let me do my own thing and record the songs I want to record,” he says. “The thing that has always appealed to me in this genre is the stories. You can only write so many love songs – and that’s predominantly what pop music is in one form or another – I like that too, that’s cool. But I like being able to explore other things with the lyric in this genre.”