Kylie Ryan – Got Me In (Single Review)

Sydney-based country musician Kylie Ryan announces her arrival with the recent release of her debut single, Got Me In.


Click here to buy your copy of “Got Me In” on iTunes. [Image via Artist’s Facebook]

Kylie Ryan isn’t really your stereotypical country artist. Trading dreams of making it big in the music business for family life, it’s only recently that Ryan has been able to focus on kickstarting her music career. Having graduated from WSI Entertainment (Western Sydney TAFE) with qualifications in music theory, Ryan is ready to take the next step on her road to success.

Already, Got Me In  has received airplay on numerous radio stations, generating quite a buzz around Ryan’s upcoming EP, Dream Chaser (due out in November 2017). Her social media following is only set to increase as the hype continues.

Much like the singer herself,  Got Me In isn’t your average country song. The combination of edgy rock, electric guitars and  Ryan’s lilting country tones make for a song that commands attention. It’s different and yet familiar; a feel-good track reminiscent of artists such as Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum. And you may find that it would be just as popular in achieving mainstream success, if given half a chance on commercial radio.

This is definitely one artist to watch. If Got Me In is any indication of what we can expect from Kylie Ryan in the future, it’s safe to say that she can call me a fan.



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