Missy Lancaster – Missy (EP Review)

Australian country music singer Missy Lancaster aims to impress with the re-release of her second self-titled EP, Missy, through Sony Music.

Recorded and written with Australian music heavyweights such as producer Lindsay Rimes and fellow country singer, Morgan Evans (who co-wrote Don’t Wanna Say Goodnight), there is no doubting the quality of this EP from a production standpoint as well as musically.


Listen to a sampler of “Missy” or buy a copy via the website.

It starts off strong with a song which Lancaster herself refers to as a good time party song, one that reflects the singer’s age and position in life at the moment. Opening the track, she sings, to a soft guitar melody before building into something of an upbeat anthem of a good night on the town. By the second or third chorus of That’s What I’m Talking About (“All my girls are dancing in their bare feet with their hands up in the air!”) you’re guaranteed to be singing away and bopping along in no time at all.

Forever 21 is something of a change of pace as she turns on the pop-rock with an awesome feel-good track complete with a subtle guitar feature and edgy beat. As much as I liked the EP-opener, this track is definitely more my style and another that is sure to get plenty of radio play given half a chance.

At track three, the aforementioned Morgan Evans co-write Don’t Wanna Say Goodnight offers listeners a welcome change of pace with a ballad-esque song set to appeal to all those romantics who have a soft spot for the more heartfelt tracks. Lyrically poignant with a beautiful melody, this is definitely the ultimate country ballad of the EP and my personal favourite of all the songs.

In the tone of the lead song, All Kinds of Crazy and Back Row return to the more upbeat sound of the EP’s first two tracks. They are definitely solid songs which further enhance the quality of the EP and showcase Lancaster’s talent and versatility.

Complete with true country tracks and pop crossovers sure to improve Lancaster’s growing popularity, Missy is certainly worth a listen.


[Editor/Author Note: This review was originally published by AMNplify.]


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