Brooke Lambert – I’ll Wait For You (Single Review)

Aussie country singer Brooke Lambert has been finding her feet in the music industry for a while now. With her debut EP, Right Now out now, she gives us a taste of what to expect with her lead single, I’ll Wait For You.

brooke lambert

Image from Artist’s Facebook.


The name Brooke Lambert wasn’t one I was familiar with until she supported Kirsty Lee Akers last year. While her voice was not quite as strong as the acts to follow, I found her voice intriguing, if a little more reserved than most country singers I’m usually drawn to.

I’ll Wait For You starts out soft, with that lilting, sweet tone I was drawn to in her live performance. It’s fairly stripped back before eventually building into an enjoyable ballad, complete with a catchy, heartfelt chorus. Played loud, you could easily imagine it on high rotation not only on country music stations, but mainstream radio as well.


Click here for your copy of “Right Now”.

Lyrically, it’s the story of someone holding out for that special person, and is a good indication of the skill Lambert has as a songwriter.

After hearing the promise this single  offers, I look forward to hearing more from this refreshing new voice.

[Editor/Author Note: This article first appeared on AMNplify earlier this year. To view it in its original capacity, click here.]


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