Amy Shark – Night Thinker (EP Review)

Amy Shark may have officially cemented her place in Australian music when her hit single, Adore took out second place in Triple J’s Hottest 100, but she is certainly no stranger to the creative industry she now calls home.

Highly anticipated by fans everywhere, it’s no wonder Shark’s sixth EP, Night Thinker, is finally gaining her the recognition she deserves. Though Shark may not have the most powerful of voices, what she lacks in vocal ability she makes up for with smart, unassuming songs that have a unique catchiness you don’t see coming.


Image from artist’s Facebook page.

It’s can be difficult to show diversity in a short release like an EP, but Shark does it well. While some of the songs, such as current singles, Weekends and Adore do sound quite similar in terms of musicality, there’s a familiarity to them that I, for one, don’t mind. The lyrics have a certain poignancy that rings true, and makes them stand out from other indie pop music.


Take Weekends, for instance, which features lines such as “You banned me from sleeping pills and Codeine/I’m at my best just even knowing you’re coming around and “I took my number quicker than my next breath/I call your house phone to listen to hear/what your life might sound like.” It is with carefully crafted words such as these that she has me, like many others, hypnotised.

When paired with songs such as Worst Girl featuring Allday and (my personal favourite) Deleted, you’ve got a winner.

This may not be Shark’s first foray into music, but it proves that the best is yet to come. If you haven’t picked up your copy of Night Thinker yet, consider this your invitation to do so.


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