Rockin’ 4 The Homeless 2.0 Gets Mental

Mental As Anything will bring the classics to Redcliffe Dolphins Leagues Club, where they are headlining Rockin’ 4 the Homeless 2.0.

On May 9th 2015, the band will join the likes of Phil Emmanuel, Steve Skinner, Faleepo Francisco and many more, united in an effort to raise awareness and much needed funds to fight against the plight of homelessness in the area. ‘It’s a great idea for someone to champion the cause of the unseen, really,’ says Mental As Anything lead singer, Greedy Smith.


Image Courtesy of Band’s Facebook.

Over the years, Mental As Anything have released a multitude of top 30 hits including Too Many Times, Live It Up , If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too? and Mr Natural, all of which have become classics of the Australian music scene. The pinnacle of their career came in 2009, when their contribution to the music industry was formally recognised with an induction into the Aria Hall of Fame. Though these achievements are something of which the average musician could only dream, it is the little things, such as hearing their first song played on the radio, that continue to resonate strongly with the band.

Having become attuned to their audiences needs over the years, performing for packed out stadiums and festivals as well as more intimate gigs, one would expect the Mentals would have their set down pat. After all, they’ve played pretty much everywhere in Australia and internationally as well as having appearances booked until the end of the year. Regardless of this, they are just like any other band, trying to achieve that perfect performance each time they set foot on stage.

‘We spent the last fifteen years trying to go back to the original source, the recordings how we played them on the day we recorded them. When we first started, we’d record them and we’d play them. We didn’t give much thought to doing faithful renditions. Now, we’re playing to generations younger who wouldn’t have seen us when we were playing like that in the 80’s … It’s always a challenge to play them [the songs] properly. It’s amazing how much pleasure you get out of doing the job properly,’ says Smith. ‘I know when I go to see one of my heroes; I get a bit disappointed if they’re doing some weird improvisation of it. I want to hear the song as I heard it on the radio as a kid.’

When all is said and done, the event will see thirty acts perform over three stages, providing audiences with a day to remember, some of which have never played on the same bill before. While the Mentals are looking forward to playing to fans both new and old when they perform at Rockin’ 4 the Homeless, the gig also gives them a chance to become punters themselves and catch up on music they may have missed out on whilst on tour. ‘I think people are going to get a face full of music,’ says Smith.

Mental As Anything will perform at Rockin’ 4 the Homeless 2.0 on May 9th 2015.Tickets are $20 and can be purchased via .

(This article was first published by cargoART Magazine 2015, and on the band’s website.)


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