Peter Broderick – Colours of the Night (Album Review)

Peter Broderick’s new album Colours of the Night is an acoustic collection of songs which neither offend nor surprise.

peter broderick album

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Prior to writing this review, I had never heard of Broderick, whose biography is impressive as both a session and solo musician, as well as making an appearance in Efterklang. His sound can only be called unique, and he does not really draw comparisons to any artists on the charts at the moment.

Previous albums have seen Broderick take on playing a multitude of instruments, however this is a collaborative effort which sees work more closely with his backing band, something which this multi-instrumentalist has perhaps not done before. This new approach to his music sees Colours of the Night, his third album through Bella Union, take on something of an experimental vibe, difficult to categorise in a music scene constantly determined to make artists fit into a particular genre.

Often, I’m fairly quick to decide whether I like or dislike an artist after listening to their albums and for me, it’s difficult to say with this. I guess the jury’s still out. The title track, Colours of the Night, with the addition of chorus-like backing vocals, is perhaps Broderick’s most catchy song, though to be honest; it is difficult for me to pick a particular highlight. That is not to say that this album is bad, it is good – all tracks are well-presented and inoffensive, but none have a standout quality that makes me want to name a specific favourite.

On the other end of the spectrum, If I Sinned, presenting itself half-way through this playlist is a letdown. Perhaps one of Broderick’s most lyrically-focused songs, the track acts as something of a divider between the first and second half of the album. For me, its hymn-like tones and melancholy setting resulted in an overall mournful track that didn’t quite seem to fit.

Overall, those who like their music a little more paired back will potentially be drawn to this album, with its dinner party, background music on a Sunday morning vibe. Likewise, fans of Broderick’s previous work are sure to lap up his latest offering.

Peter Broderick’s Colours of the Night will be released on April 24th 2015 through Bella Union.


[Editor/Author Note: This article was originally published by CargoART Magazine 2015]


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